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General Awareness: Interesting Facts about Supreme Court of India

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General Awareness: Interesting Facts about Supreme Court of India

The General Awareness section is a vital part in all the competitive exams including UPSC Exams. The candidate must have the knowledge about the various important topics in order to score good marks in this section. In order to help the candidates with the General Awareness section, there is one vital topic which they must have proper knowledge, which is about the Supreme Court of India.

The Supreme Court of India is the apex court or the highest constitutional court in India. It came into existence 67 years ago, that is on 28th of January 1950. It is situated in TilakMarg, New Delhi, India. It is the final court of appeal which is meant for listening to opposition of the verdicts of all the high courts of India.

There is one Chief Justice accompanied by other 30 judges who are appointed by the President of India. The age of retirement is 65 for the Supreme Court judges. The Supreme Court of India takes care of the fundamental rights of every citizen residing in India. It is also responsible in settling all the disputes between the various governments of our country.

There are many interesting facts to be known about the Supreme Court of India. They are given as follows:

  • The Federal Court was preceded by the Supreme Court of India in the year of 1950. The Federal Court was established on the 1st of October 1937. This was done by the Government of India Act 1935 and also Privy Council that was the British era’s highest judicial body.

  • The inauguration was arranged in the Chamber of Princes which is located in the Parliament. The Chamber of Princes was used as the bench for conducting all the administration of justice and also as the supreme court for about 12 years that is, from the year 1937 to 1950.

  • In the starting years, the Supreme Court hearings were from 10am to 12noon and again from 2pm to 4pm. It was open for just 28 days in a year. Now, the apex court is opened for about 190 days in a year.

  • The foundation stone of the building of the Supreme Court was laid by the First President of our country, DrRajendra Prasad in the year 1954 and on the 29th of October.

  • The building of the Supreme Court covers 17 acres of land that is triangular in shape. It is on the Hardinge Avenue which is just opposite to Hardinge Bridge. Ganesh BhikajiDeolalikar was designer of the Supreme Court building. The building was designed in Indo- British architectural style. He was the first Indian to lead in Central Public Works Department (CPWD).  

  • The most interesting thing about the building of the Supreme Court is that it represents the balance or scale of justice. The First President of India, DrRajendra Prasad once stated that both of the pans of the scale must be balanced. The courtroom of the Chief Justice of India is situated in the Central Wing of the building and on the either side. There are two courtrooms that depict the central beam of the scales of justice.

  • The right courtroom or the right wing contains Attorney General’s office and other offices of various law officers, the library and also the bar-room. The court offices are situated in the left wing.

  • There were two wings added that were named east and west to the main structure in the year 1979. There was another last extension that was added in the year 1994.

  • The first ever female judge of India in the Supreme Court was FathimaBeevi who was also the first female judge in Asia. She was appointed in the year 1959.

So, these were some interesting facts that everyone should know about Supreme Court of India. This will help the candidates to answer any of the questions related to Supreme Court in the UPSC Online Exams. Hope it was useful.

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